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Trillium Awakening is a three-fold path of Consciousness, Embodiment and Mutuality. It provides a catalytic approach to whole-Being awakening that is informed by principles from Waking Down teachings originated by Saniel Bonder. It is offered by a group of awakened teachers who work individually and collectively to support participants awakening within the context of their own lives and in mutuality with others.

From Saniel Bonder, author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split and co-founder of the Human Sun Institute: “If you are interested in embodying your own authentic, both fully human and deeply divine presence with integrity and sensitivity, I heartily encourage you to find a way to spend real time benefiting from the personal presence, transmission, and teaching help of Rod Taylor. Rod has a knack for getting to the simple essences and for deeply listening to and finding ways to communicate those essences to each person as a totally unique individual. His understanding is superb, his awakened nature is deeply realized, and he is as kind as he is wise. Don’t miss an opportunity to spend serious time with him individually, in workshops, and in sittings.”


  • Transmitting a conscious embodied awakened condition.
  • Teaching approaches to directly realize infinite Being.
  • Coaching individuals to fall into all of who they are.
  • Mentoring awakened and awakening students.
  • Listening, sharing, and learning in mutuality.
  • Private sessions in person and by phone.
  • Group sittings and workshop offerings.


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