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Teacher of Pan Gu Shengong Qigong

Pan Gu Shengong is a form of Chinese healing Qigong that was founded by Master Ou Wen Wei. It is a powerful healing practice designed to absorb Qi (universal energy) to increase vitality, strengthen spirit, restore balance, improve health, and enhance wellbeing. It is simple, non-strenuous, and easily learned by anyone.

Pan Gu Shengong Motto

Take kindness and benevolence as basis
Take frankness and friendliness to heart
Speak with reason; Treat with courtesy
Act with emotion; Accomplish result


  • Moving Form course
  • Non-Moving Form course
  • Qi Healing Skill course
  • Group practice sessions
  • Qi healing sessions
  • Introductory presentations


  • each is about 2 hours long
  • follow-up is provided
  • contact Rod to take a course


  • group practice + healing circle
  • contact Rod for times and location


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